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Rain Harvesting

AcquaSaver Valve

For Toilet Flushing, Laundry & Irrigation

AcquaSaver Valve 1"

The AcquaSaver valve will always prioritize the use of rainwater over mains water when rainwater is available, and will automatically switch over to mains water in the event of the rainwater tank running low or electrical failure. When water has been replenished or power has been restored to the pump, the AcquaSaver valve will automatically prioritize back to rainwater.


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AcquaSaver Instructions

AcquaSaverFor Toilet Flushing & Laundry

AcquaSaver Valve 3/4"

The AcquaSaver Valve is a fully automatic adjustable mechanical rainwater/mains water changeover device designed for pressure pump supply systems for harvesting rainwater for the toilet, laundry and household applications with automatic mains backup. It is suitable for up to 2 toilets and washing machine in a single story house. Features Easy to install Patent design Adjustable mains pressure. Does not require maintenance - No electrical consumption - No electronic components - Solid brass construction - Fully weatherproof - Built to last Suitable for any pressure pump with sufficient head pressure. Can be mounted in any position Built-in dual check valve for back overflow prevention - 2 Year warranty.

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Use With AcquaSaver Valve

Divertron 1200 Rain Water Pump

The Divertron 1200 pump- Has electronic 1Hp Multi-stage Submersible Pump with 4 impellers. Suitable to pump clear water. Manufactured with anti-corrosive and rust-proof materials. Motor with thermic overload protection. Wear resistant shaft. Anti-debris stainless steel strainer. CSA and UL approved. The excellent cooling of the motor that enables the pump to operate even when it is partially submerged. Starts & stops by sensing the flow and pressure in the system. Supplied with a 48 ft power cable with plug, non return valve and 4-step fitting.

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