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Drip Line & Take-Offs


Greywater Engineered Drip Line


Your laundry machine and bath tub dump greywater at a rate of roughly 13 gallons a minute, one roll of Grey Flow drip line irrigates at 14.5 gallons a minute. This is why Grey Flow drip irrigation systems do not need a storage tank, we irrigate as faster than your home produces greywater. Drip line should be placed at the drip edge of the trees, bushes, or plants.

  • Reliable and efficient cylindrical self cleaning dripper with turbulent water flow to break up sludge.
  • Double inlet filter designed for clog resistance.
  • Designed for poor quality water and effluent reuse.
  • Drip rate 10 LPH / 2.6 GPH
  • Dripper spacing 12" 
  • Lateral diameter. 1/2"/16 mm
  • 328 ft /100 meter roll

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Grey Flow Drip Line

Greywater creates sludge that clogs all other drip lines and

Sludge accumulates at
about 1/16” per year inside
your irrigation lines.

Because of sludge the feeder pipe and drip lines must be set up
so they can be flushed with fresh water ~ No less than once
every 2 years. Sludge should not come in contact with people or pets and may smell, be sure to rinse sludge into mulch immediatly.

Folded Hose Line Folded drip line end ~
unfold to flush line


Tee Grey Flow Barbed 16mm take-off Grey Flow Take off 16mm Straight Grey Flow Punch Tool


1" x 1" x 1/2" Reducing tee (adapts main line to drip line) $3.17 ea

Take-Off Elbow

Grey Flow barbed 16mm take-off (Elbow) for poly pipe
(Grey Flow take off adapts the Grey Flow drip line to the 1" main line when using Poly Pipe.)
$.80 ea

Take-Off Straight

1" x 1" x 1/2" Reducing tee (Grey Flow take off adapts the Grey Flow drip line to the 1" main line when using Poly Pipe.)
$.80 ea

Punch Tool

$12.00 ea

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