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2-6 Station Greywater Irrigation Valve


Rotor Applications

New Irrigation Systems:

1. Combined with a timer the GF-Rotor waters large areas without the use of expensive controllers, solenoid valves and or below ground wires.
2. Ideal for irrigation systems in areas where power is not available.
3. Ideal where electrical controllers and below ground wires are susceptible to damage from equipment, lightning, flooding etc.

Existing Irrigation Systems:

1. Repair existing irrigation systems where damaged wires and or solenoid valves cannot be found.
2. Extend an existing irrigation system without additional wire and control valves.
3. Improve the performance of an existing system by splitting flows and reducing the operating flow rates.

Greywater, Rain water and Waste water systems:

1. Use the GF-Rotor with filtered Greywater Systems.
2. Use the GF-Rotor with Rain Harvesting Systems.
3. Use the GF-Rotor with Waste water disposal systems.
4. Spread diverted Grey/Waste water into several irrigation zones to water more landscape area and reduce nutrient loading.


  • One valve operates evenly and sequentially 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 zones changing zones every 13 gallons
  • Hydraulic operation means no external power required
  • Requires 4.75 GPM flow or 2.64 GPM with LOW FLOW FITTING for zones to change.
  • Flow activated means that the unit will operate from a gravity fed tank with less than one meter of head pressure (2.64GPM) with LOW FLOW FITTING
  • Suitable for all types of watering systems (sprinklers, drip, garden taps, grey water systems and waste water systems)
  • Improves performance of a system by splitting the flows and increasing the operating pressures
  • Simple, reliable and easy to operate and install
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
  • 3/4 inch female connections


Installation Manual


Hunter Check Valve

1/2" Hunter Check Valve Adjustable - $7

Spring Loaded Check Valve

1" Spring Loaded Check Valve - $25

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